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About the service

The City of Canada Bay has partnered with SCRgroup to deliver the HomeCycle program to the City of Canada Bay community.

The HomeCycle program is a free service that gives residents the opportunity to donate reusable goods and recycle items that cannot be placed in the yellow kerbside bin. Donating items via this service will help divert waste from landfill and support local charities and relief organisations.

  1. Confirm you live in the Canada Bay area.
  2. Book your HomeCycle Collection here or call (02) 9066 5834
  3. Bookings are limited to one booking per household, per week
  4. A minimum of two bags or boxes applies per booking
  5. Prepare your items for collection
  6. Leave items outside in a safe and accessible spot near your front door the night before your collection day or by 8am on the day of your collection.
  7. If you live in an apartment building, please ensure you place your items in an accessible location. Our drivers will not have access to secure buildings.
  8. Please ensure no other items are left by your front door and collected by mistake.
  9. The accepted items will be collected on your booked collection day and a SMS notification will be sent once items are collected.
  10. Don’t forget to retrieve your reusable bags that were left behind.
  11. Your preloved items are collected and sorted by our friendly team members and processed by various local service providers, contributing towards a circular economy.

Yes, you can use the program multiple times. Households are limited to one booking per week.

No. The HomeCycle program is a service that allows City of Canada Bay residents the opportunity to donate household items in good condition and recycle small problem materials that cannot be placed the yellow kerbside bin. Bulk waste collection is for unrepairable household items and garden waste

SCRgroup is a registered Australian company, that works with charities and social enterprises to provide various collection and recycling programs.

Items we accept

Please see what we collect section on the How it works page

Clothing and manchester that is in an unwearable condition will be accepted.

No large items such as furniture, mattresses and white goods are not accepted as part of this service. Bulky items are collected as part of Council’s scheduled collections – please visit Council’s website or download the waste app to find out when is your next upcoming collection.

Bookings and collections

Book your HomeCycle Collection and select from designated pick-up days in your area, or call
(02) 9066 5834.

We recommend residents place items out for pick-up the night before or before 8am on the day of their collection.

Your items will be collected by a HomeCycle driver. Please ensure your items fit into a box or bags that can be lifted by one person. There are no limits to the amount of items you put out for collection.

The home collection service is limited to a number of fixed collections per year. Council asks for that residents store items for collection to fill in a couple of bags and/or boxes to facilitate the logistics in providing this service, while minimising the carbon emissions from the collections.

If you need to change or cancel your booking log into your account or call SCRgroup on
(02) 9066 5834.

Please box or bag your items into separate categories, as they go to different places:

  1. Clothing, manchester, shoes and fashion accessories (please no wet clothing)
  2. Household items / bric-a-brac (batteries removed)
  3. Small household electronic waste (batteries removed)
  4. Problem waste (fluorescent globes, smoke detectors, small household batteries and sealed paint tins), mobile phones, printer cartridges and coffee pods.
  5. Soft plastics (bag in bag), blister packs in a separate plastic bag.
  6. Oversized cardboard up to 1m2 (or please break down to roughly 1m x 1m)

Please place coffee pods and batteries into their own plastic bags for safety and to prevent leaks

If you need to change or cancel your booking log into your account or call SCRgroup on
(02) 9066 5834.

If items were left behind, it is likely they were not an accepted item included in the service.

If your items were not presented for collection or if your collection was missed, please contact SCRgroup on [email protected] or call (02) 9066 5834 to reschedule your booking.

  1. Clothing, textiles & bric-a-brac are collected by SCRgroup for reuse by giving your items a second life in local and global communities where they are needed most.
  2. Electronics are sorted into various materials for recycling locally.
  3. Problem wastes are sorted at Council’s local depot and provided to local service providers for processing. Items such as batteries can be recycled and manufactured into new batteries, cardboard, printer cartridges and mobile phone components separated and recycled to be used in the re-manufacturing of new products, reducing the reliance and stress on our natural environment.
  4. Coffee pod casings are used for recycling locally and the re-manufacture of new pods, with coffee grounds used as compost.
  5. Soft plastics are shredded, chemically treated and processed into re-usable oil and carbon ash.

    Thank you for re-using your items that are in a working condition and safely disposing of your everyday items for recycling.