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About the service

HomeCycle is a free and easy way for Lane Cove residents to recycle and repurpose items that don’t belong in household bins. Using this service will help divert materials from landfill and support charities and relief organisations.

Residents who live in the Lane Cove local government area. We do not accept items from local businesses.

  1. Check what items can be collected.
  2. Book your HomeCycle Collection or call (02) 9469 6665 (a minimum of three bags or boxes applies per booking).
  3. Prepare your items for collection
  4. Leave items in a safe and accessible spot near your front door by 8:00am on your collection day. A SMS reminder will be sent.
  5. Please ensure no other items are left by your front door to prevent them being collected by mistake.
  6. A SMS notification that the driver is on the way will be sent.
  7. Your items will be collected on your booked collection day and a SMS notification will be sent once items are collected.
  8. The driver will leave your empty sturdy reusable bags where you left them – don’t forget to retrieve them. Thinner plastic reusable bags will be taken and repurposed.
  9. Your preloved items are collected and sorted by our friendly team members and processed by various local service providers, contributing towards a circular economy. Find out more about what happens to your items.

Households are limited to one booking every month, however wait times between bookings will be dependent on demand.

No, the HomeCycle service is for small items that are tricky to recycle and goods that are in reusable condition for donation. The Council clean-up service is for large items like furniture, whitegoods, large electronic items, mattresses and goods in an unusable condition. Visit Councils website to book a Council Clean Up.

SCRgroup is contracted by Lane Cove Council to run the HomeCycle service. SCRgroup is a registered Australian company that works with charities and social enterprises to provide various collection and recycling programs.

Items we accept

Find out what items are accepted or not accepted.

Worn and torn clothing and textiles are accepted. Underwear and socks are not accepted.

No, this service is for small items that fit into a reusable shopping bag or box only. Visit Council’s website to find out about Council Clean Ups.

Bookings and collections

Book a HomeCycle collection online or call (02) 9469 6665. If you need to change or cancel your booking, log into your account or call SCRgroup on (02) 9469 6665

Each booked collection must have a minimum of three bags (or equivalent sized boxes). Please ensure your items fit into bags or boxes; each one must be able to be lifted and carried by one person. There are no limits to the amount of bags or boxes you can put out for collection.

A minimum of three bags streamlines our collection process and contributes significantly to environmental sustainability. More bags per collection means reduced transportation and a lower overall carbon footprint.

Please box or bag your items into separate categories, as they go to different places:

  1. Clothing, manchester, shoes and fashion accessories (please no wet clothing, pillows or doonas)
  2. Small reusable homewares/ kitchenware / toys (batteries removed)
  3. Small household appliances, electronic waste (batteries removed)
  4. Soft plastics (bag in bag)
  5. Problem waste (small household batteries, smoke detectors, light globes, fluorescent tubes, sealed paint tins, mobile phones, printer cartridges, x-rays, and coffee pods). Note: Please place coffee pods and batteries into their own clear, sealed, soft plastic bags for safety and to prevent leaks.
  6. Cardboard (please break down cardboard over 1m2 in size, polystyrene and tape removed, flat packed – must fit in a van, no commercial quantities).

Write a note “HomeCycle” and attach it to the bags so your neighbours know it’s being collected.

If you need to change or cancel your booking log into your account or call SCRgroup on (02) 9469 6665.

Sorry to hear you’ve had an issue with your collection.

If items were left behind, it is likely they are not accepted in the HomeCycle service.

If your collection was missed, please contact SCRgroup on [email protected] or call (02) 9469 6665 to reschedule your booking.

If you did not present items for collection, please re-book your collection by logging into your account.

Please note that multiple non-presentations may result in the suspension of the service.

  1. Clothing, linen, bric-a-brac & toys in good condition are donated to charity or reused in communities that need them.
  2. Unwearable clothing is repurposed into wiper rag servicing the industrial sector.
  3. Electronics are sorted and broken down into various materials for recycling. Batteries can be recycled into new ones. Mobile phone components can be used to make new technology, reducing the need for the mining of raw materials.
  4. Problem wastes are sorted at the Community Recycling Centre and provided to local service providers for processing.
  5. X-rays have the silver removed and turned into new silver products, like jewellery, and the remaining film is added to road-base bitumen.
  6. Coffee pods are separated for their resources. Coffee grounds are composted and the aluminium casings are recycled into new products.
  7. Printer cartridge recycling recovers the plastics, metals, ink and toner where it is re-sold as raw materials for manufacturing.
  8. Soft plastics are shredded, chemically treated and processed into re-usable oil and carbon ash.
  9. Cardboard is recycled to be used in the re-manufacturing of new products.

Thank you for recycling your unwanted household items and diverting waste from landfill!