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How it works

HomeCycle is a free service which collects tricky to recycle items and reusable household goods from your door.

It is easy to book from the comfort of your home and diverts valuable materials from landfill.

Book a collection online

Find out what items are accepted

Step 1

Make a Booking

Households in the Lane Cove Local Government Area can book a collection online.

You must have the equivalent of at least 3 full bags of items to qualify for a collection. Check this list of accepted items to find out what can be collected.

Collections are limited to one booking per household, per month, however the wait time between bookings will be dependent on demand.

Step 2

Prepare your items for collection

Where possible, box or bag items separately, as they go to different places (see how to pack your items)

Leave the items outside in a safe and accessible spot near your front door by 8:00am on your collection day.

Write a note “HomeCycle” and attach it to the bags so your neighbours know it’s being collected. Please ensure no other items are left by your front door so that they aren’t collected by mistake.

Step 3

Your items are collected

Items will be collected on your booked collection day. You will receive a SMS notification once the items are collected.

Don’t forget to retrieve your reusable bags. Thinner plastic bags will be taken and repurposed.

What we collect

• Small household electronics and e-waste

Small appliances with a plug, power cord or battery (e.g. kettle, toaster, iron, blender, alarm clock, radio, hairdryer, straightener, electric toothbrushes), small televisions (suitable for a one person lift, under 42”), computers and peripherals (e.g. computers, laptops, tablets, e-readers, mouse, keyboards, game consoles, speakers).

Batteries should be removed and placed in a zip lock bag for safety.

• Household batteries

Rechargeable, non-rechargeable, small handheld batteries (AA, AAA, C, D, 9V, 6V), lantern, watch and button batteries. Standard size handheld rechargeable batteries up to 5kg.
Batteries should be placed in a zip lock bag together for safety.

• Soft plastics

Soft, scrunchable plastics such as shopping bags, wrappers, confectionary packets, bread bags, frozen food bags, squeezy pouches, snap lock bags, cling wraps, cereal box liners, chip packets, bubble wrap and fresh produce bags (excluding blister packs, hard plastic, biscuit tray liners and fresh fruit containers).

• Mobile phones

Phones, phone batteries and phone accessories (mobile and landline phones, cords, chargers and headphones).

• Paint tins (under 2L)

Water and oil-based paints in original containers, less than 2L per container.
Store in original container with lid.

• Printer Cartridges

Domestic printer cartridges from Brother, Canon, Epson, HP, Cartridge World and Kyocera (if possible, place cartridge inside replacement foil bag, otherwise place in a soft plastic bag).

• Smoke detectors and light globes / fluorescent tubes

• Clothing, textiles and fashion accessories

Wearable clothing (new & used), non-wearable clothing (worn & torn), footwear and fashion accessories including swimwear, hats, gloves, handbags, belts and jewelry. Please no wet items.

• Towels and bed linen

Towels, bedlinen & manchester (excluding pillows, cushions, electric blankets and doonas). Please no wet items.

• Small homewares (bric-a-brac)

Good quality, reusable toys, in working condition (batteries removed), games & puzzles, small handheld sporting goods (e.g. bats, balls), décor (e.g. vases, frames, ornaments, decorative objects), kitchenware (e.g. pots & pans, crockery) and antiques in a reusable condition. Books are not accepted.
All items should be able to be handled and lifted by one person.

• Oversized cardboard

Cardboard that doesn’t fit in kerbside bins. Boxes and large cardboard packaging (all polystyrene and tape removed, flat packed). Boxes may be packed inside a larger box and separated from other streams.
Please breakdown any boxes that are over 1m2 in size. Cardboard collection must fit in a van.

• Aluminium coffee pods

Put coffee pods in a separate soft plastic bag and tie it up to stop leaks.

• X-ray films

X-ray, MRI, and CT scans / films (paper envelopes removed).

• Furniture, whitegoods and bulky items

Furniture, whitegoods, mattresses, mirrors, large electrical items (e.g. televisions over 42”, microwaves), outdoor settings, BBQ equipment, large musical instruments and bikes (consider donating useable items to charity or selling them online, or book a bulk waste clean-up to dispose of large items).

• Baby equipment

Prams, cots, car seats, walkers, highchairs (baby clothing accepted).

• Hazardous waste, chemicals and cleaners

Poisons, pesticides, household cleaners, pool chemicals, cooking oil. Please visit the NSW EPA website for details of Chemical Cleanout events to safely dispose of these items.

• Paint tins over 2L, motor oil, gas bottles, large batteries

• Pillows, cushions, doonas, rugs, carpets, air mattresses and electric blankets

• Broken homewares and toys

• Underwear and socks

• Books, DVDs, CDs & videotapes

• Commercial quantities of cardboard

• Large sporting goods and gym equipment

• Polystyrene

• Fire extinguishers

• Medicines and blister packs, cosmetics and cosmetic packaging

• Hard plastic

• Building materials or car parts

• Items that can go in your recycling bins at home

Some of these items can be taken to the Community Recycling Centre (CRC) at Artarmon. Please see their website for details

Bottles, plastic containers, glass, small cardboard, foil and cans can go in your recycling bin.
To find out how to recycle or dispose of other items visit A-Z of Recycling

Download the brochure to find out what items are accepted.
If you’re unsure if an item is accepted, please email [email protected]